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This pedometer geek reader followed up Simone Pond’s Exodus of Magic with the second book in the Mysterium Chronicles, River of Magic. Again, because of being selected as one of her Elite readers, Simone gifted me an e-book (mobi) file of her newest novel, and this is the extended review of it.

River of Magic

by Simone Pond

Published by Ktown Waters Publishing, 2017

ISBN: 978-1544682501

As the back cover blurb says:

An unfinished prophecy. A diabolical witch. Another high-octane adventure.

Jordan Temple, formerly known as Jordan Bachar, has just escaped from Magnus and his operatives as Exodus of Magic ends. The second book in the Mysterium Chronicles finds the heroine becoming more comfortable in the role as the Chosen One and begins basically where the first one left off.

Trying to escape from the clutches of Magnus and his operatives, basically the Jade operatives of which she was once a valued member, she guides the flotilla of Ancients, the magic-wielding people of the left bank, down the River Elin towards the Ancients’ homeland of Shtein’esrei and freedom.

But it won’t be smooth sailing as she battles her way toward the Rankin Gate, the gateway that must be opened to allow them to pass into their homeland. The catch: only one person, Isabella the enchantress, has the power to open the gate. Getting to her and convincing her to help is a tall task.

Paranormal creatures from the various cities and lands of the Confederated Six keep interfering with her progress and plans, wreaking havoc upon her and the ships. This is especially true in the city of Endor, with Glendora, the High Witch of Endor, holding Isabella captive. With her posse of Benjamin, Chloe, Matthias, and CeeCee at her side, she may just find the resources…or not.

Magic, enchantresses, evil witches, shifters, and more make for an exciting, heart-racing read leaving readers enthralled and on the edge. Will Jordan complete her quest, or won’t she? Will the Ancients find their mythical city again, or will the gate be forever closed to them?

While the story is complete as is, the ending is still a cliffhanger, setting up the reader to eagerly await the next book, Wrath of Magic. Simone Pond, this reader is on tenterhooks! As will all who read the series, but this reader says, “Just do it.” Highly recommended, it’s a fun urban fantasy read with excellent baddies (to quote a dear friend, Denise LC). Counselor Magnus is evil, but Glendora, who is the predominant evil character in this story, may be worse. Still, Magnus is not yet finished with Jordan.

Despite the paranormal creatures and the urban fantasy story, this reader suspects that there is a spiritual component to the stories. It’s not overt, but many of the characters have Biblical names (Matthias, Levi, and Jordan, to name a few), and even the River Elin, which plays such a central role in the story, can be transposed to the River Nile. Is it intentional? Or just a lucky coincidence? Obviously, this reader thinks it is, but decide for yourself…read them both in anticipation of the third story. Either way, it is a rollicking good read from an up-and-coming independent author. Knowing quite a few of them, I have a soft spot for indie authors, but I digress.

This reader has been fortunate to have read most of  Simone Pond’s novels. For those who enjoy reading YA dystopian novels, check out The New Agenda series and her Voices of the Apocalypse short stories that stand alongside of it.