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As one of Simone Pond’s Elite Readers, this pedometer geek reader had the opportunity to read Wrath of Magic, the last novel in the Mysterium Chronicles trilogy, before it was published. Like the previous two,  Exodus of Magic and River of Magic, this reader received an e-book of the novel, thanks to the author. This is the extended review.

Wrath of Magic

by Simone Pond

Published by Ktown Waters Publishing, 2017

ASIN: B072589MP7

From the back cover blurb:

Will Jordan complete the final task and be able to join her people?

In the third (and final) novel of the Mysterium Chronicles trilogy, Jordan Temple, AKA the Chosen One, is feeling bereft, unaccomplished, and despondent, as the novel opens. Beginning at the point where the previous novel, River of Magic, ended, she has fulfilled the prophecy of returning the Ancients to their homeland of Shtein’esrei, but she is now separated from them, and the portal at the Rankin Gate is closed. Moreover, she is nearly certain that a few of her closest friends and compatriots, the ones who fought so bravely beside her, have perished in the attempt. What next for her? Can she find a way in?

Not all is lost, however, as she discovers that several of her members are still alive and on this side of the homeland, and further discovers that she has more to do to complete the prophecy. She and the few remaining ragtag members are tasked with going to the six cities of the Confederated Six to offer the citizens there a choice: life or death, the Ancient One or Ashtar. Once completed, they are to return to the Madlands for the Final Battle against those who choose evil particularly Magnus.

In each of the cities, she and her growing army of converts battle various creatures from vampires to shifters and more. Some will be converted, and some won’t, but every city provides a unique opportunity for action and adventure for Jordan and her crew.

New characters are introduced, but many characters from the other two books make an reappearance as well in this urban fantasy novel of twists and turns, paranormal creatures and magic, and a clear distinction between good and evil leading to either redemption or death.

There are a few minor typos, but none are so egregious as to spoil the pleasure of reading this compelling, spiritual story. There are plenty of surprises along the way to keep the reader guessing. While the novel could be read as a standalone, this reader doesn’t suggest it. Too much insight and understanding might be lost so read the complete trilogy as the author has the stories wrap around in emotion-filled ways.

Each of the books can be purchased separately, but there is also the option to buy the set as a three-book e-book bundle through Amazon Kindle for the low price of $ 2.97 as this reader discovered upon research. As of now, unlike the other two in the series, it is only available as an e-book, but this reader suspects that a physical book will be available soon.