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The latest First Reads Goodreads giveaway novel this pedometer geek reader had the pleasure of reading was Starring You and Me by Susan Coventry. It was read in an e-book format. This novel was the first of this author’s works this pedometer geek has read, but it probably won’t be the last. This romance is just one of many Coventry has written, and discovering new authors to read is just one pleasure of reading.

Starring You and Me
By Susan Coventry
Published by Coventry Industries, LLC, 2016
Via CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 978-1535479844

This contemporary romance hits all the marks with lines deftly delivered by actor Nate Collins and small town realtor Nicole (Nikki) Branson.

When Hollywood comes to Clarkston, Michigan to shoot a romantic movie, love may be in the air, but Nicole doesn’t want have anything to do with it. She’s sworn off men because she’s been burned before; however, after meeting Nikki when she helps him find a rental home during filming, Nate is out to convince her otherwise. It all begins with a series of non-dates.

Over the next couple months, romance blossoms with all the setbacks of an early relationship: Is it real? Is it possible? Is it just a fling? Is she enough for him? How can they make a long distance relationship work? Will she have to give up her career and lose her independence?

Will Hollywood glitz and glamour and the paparazzi intrude, or will there be a man under all the greasepaint, who wants a starring role with the woman who has her feet on the ground?

Ultimately, what is seen is that the Midwestern values of those who come from Michigan are what rules the day. As expected, Nikki is a beautiful ‘girl next door,’ but even superstar Nate Collins is down-to-earth and not self-centered. More than anything else, she is the more reluctant party in this romance especially when outside forces discover the growing relationship.

This romance is fun, flirty, and spicy, yet it’s not too graphic (and it hits almost all the What-the-tuck trends except for the ubiquitous green-eyed character…instead, Nate has hazel eyes). There is, however, over-utilization of the word smirk/smirking. This is not the only novel where this occurs, but there has to be some other synonym for smirk, perhaps smart-ass grin. It has gotten so pervasive that this reader has added it to the list of WTT trends.

Overall, this is a fun romance to read, starring two characters you wish you could meet for real.